Hips For Birthing?

Truthfully, your gyno probably cannot tell much until you become pregnant because your pelvis does open up once you begin making certain hormones during a pregnancy. 

But your ob or midwife can check. Many women have too flat a pelvis, with a narrow birth canal as a result. In an abnormal pelvis the obstetrical conjugate, the shortest distance between the scaral promontory to the most prominent portion of the symphsis, is shortened. Xrays can be taken but measurement is made by the experienced pelvic examiner by estimating the what we call the diagonal conjugate and subtracting 1.5 to 2.0 cm, that is the measurement one gets when feeling from the pubic bone to the back of the pelvis using the crook of the thumb and the index finger to the end of the index finger as the measuring rod. If the diagonal conjugate is greater than 11.5 it is safe to assume that the pelvis is of adequate size to deliver a normal-sized fetus.. Transverse pelvic measurements (sidewasys) are very difficult to measure and pelvic contraction is possible even if the anteroposterior diameter is adequate (for any patient), and ultrasound waves are repelled by the bones so ultrasounds don't help us, just old fashioned clinical hands on gyno work!


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