Migraines and Headaches and Your Birth Control PIlls

Gyno Gab Says most women occasionally get headaches  (HA). A particularly disabling type of headache is the menstrual migraine. Your gyno, talking to you can determine the type of headache you have. If you want the nitty gritty of the headache classification system it can be found at the International Headache Society (IHS) . Almost 3/4th of all HA are just simple tension headaches: notable in character by the reports that both sides of the head hurt, steady, no throbbing, mild to moderate.Even a tension headache can be accompanied by a bit of mild nausea. Tension headaches cannot produce vomiting and sufferers could have a bit of light or sound sensitivity, but not both. Migraines are specifically different: typically it hurs one side of your head, usually the eye or above the eye, and and these are moderate to SEVERE. Often in a set of them one after the other, with or with out treatment, you rebound into another headache, that's called a cluster. And with migraines lots of associated eye or nasal symptoms. Will be preceded by a premonition with may have a set of symptoms that can range from food cravings to depression or fatigue or just neck stiffness, or a variety of other symptoms. Those with auras the symptoms are neurological, usually visual. So zigzag lines, or spots before your eyes. Migraines that only occur with the menstrual period cyclic are called menstrual migraines. The risk of stroke in young women is low,and with or without migraines still low, but migraines with aura might be one of the more significant predictor of stroke, and might double one's risk. And if you have migraine, with auras, and take oral contraceptive pills gynos have said that your risk of stroke doubles,  the risk may double again if you have aura. So the general recommendation: if you have migraines with aura, and are over the age of 35 then find another birth control method and get off your BC pills. We suggest thinking of non-medicated IUD. However, hormonal based headaches can be managed by adjusting the hormone levels during the days of the cycle.   Menstrual migraines, can be just such an issue, since they are so hormone sensitive, perhaps they could be cured by the right pill. Since the hormone dosing is so love, the overall risks of strokes from birth control pills is dropping, and with pills containing  ethinyl estradiol  may in fact be safe and even therapeutic.


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