Women's Health By the Numbers: 8 (updated a bit!)

(The New 8:) Women void (pee) about 8 times a day.
*8s the number of missed pills in a year for the average oral contraception pill user
*The failure rate of birth control has recently been estimated as 8%
(by the way, by 6 cycles the failure rate of patches or the ring is half of that of the pill because we miss fewer, and that means less bleeding, fewer pads, fewer oops, we can save $240/year per woman by using the patch in stead of the pill)
*8 is the number of hours of sleep we need
(Without proper sleep depression treatments are less effective and anxiety increases and in some studies indicate weight gain when sleep deprived as insulin functions less well and with less sleep there is a poor immune response and increased colds and viral infections)


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