Don't forget HIS vitamins!

In another first, the Aug 2009 issue of Fertility and Sterility research from Medellin, Columbia and Cleveland, Ohio reports that increasing antioxidant intake in men can improve the quality of their spermatozoa. We may be able to explain this just by the micronutrient selenium. It has been shown in rats that selenium is essential for the normal levels of testosterone and thus it was reported in the Journal of Reproductive Fertility in 1996 that selenium also helps to have normal spermatozoa. Miscarriages are extremely common in pregnancy, with about 20% of all pregnancies ending in early losses. Often the losses are due to blighted ovums that may be due to the egg or the sperm being abnormal. In turn the couples who had previously had recurrent embryo losses (miscarriages, recurrent defined as 3 or more) were more likely to have a successful pregnancy after the male partners were treated with anti-oxidants. These antioxidants were either multivitamins or vitamins C, E, plus zinc and b-carotene. Although we have to remember that the actual list of causes of miscarriages is quite long, genetic causes account for over half of all miscarriages, and you should see your gyno to make sure of other treatable conditions, here is another, relatively simple, and completely healthy, way to up those chances of not having a miscarriage!


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