What is the Chance of Pregnancy If The Condom Breaks?

Should you go for that emergency contraceptive measure if your condom broke, most gynos do say yes. There are many variables that will account for whether a woman gets pregnant with a condom failure: just how fertile you are, did you use spermicide, how old you are and how close to ovulation are you. If calculate the chance of pregnancy if you have unprotected sex on any particular day, near ovulation, is about 8%. What if you have a history of infertility, or tubal disease or infrequent ovulation due to  PCOS, less of a chance yes, but still, cannot be sure how much less than that it usually never goes to a 0% chance of pregnancy. Run a home pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks and that is usually your best answer. To prevent conception, consider getting over the counter Plan B, or calling your physician for Ella, or getting an a copper IUD inserted! Because if you don't want to chance that 8% then always take a morning after pill if you have a condom accident!


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