Pap Facts Scrutinized

HPV disease is about to get new media attention. Word has it that the FDA may very soon tell us if there is a second cervical cancer vaccine to choose from, and that maybe those boys will be able to take that shot in the butt after all. But many individuals still have a lot to learn about this transmitted infection. We need to step up and talk to our sisters, and our other gal pals about what is going on with this HPV STD potentially cervical cancer causing virus. In a new study of first time abnormal pap patients in Brooklyn Hospital Center a group of physicians found that almost two thirds of the patients when told about the fact that they have a pap that is abnormal, think effective treatment for HPV is available. We do have effective treatments for dysplasia, but not so for curing the HPV infection. If you hovever have had an HPV test that is negative on your last pap, you have only a 1/1000 chance of having cin ii or iii in next three years! And that’s a pap to celebrate!


  1. We need to keep following the pap story as it's evolving quickly with new tests coming and with various organizations changing recommendations quickly!


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