Hot, Hot, Hot, Still?

What's a girl to do about this? Hormones? What type what route? Some new tidbits to talk about with your gyno: And if you are still flashing, maybe you would like to participate in a research study, call Women's Health Practice at 217-356-3736
If you are a woman around the time of menopause, and you are feeling hot, well, not just hot, but hot hot hot. Then you may need treatment, but as we sid to begin with, what hormone therapy, there are many to chose from. For most women with hot flashes, estrogen will cure them. But what type of estrogen, many feel the best tolerated would be to go on Bioidentical Hormone. How to take the hormone is another discussion, patches, pills, shots, implants, the choices go on and on. Why estrogen seems to improve sex drive in some, and not affect it or adversely affect the sex drive in some women is a puzzle. It probably has to do with dosage and timing of the therapy. One to think of it is that estrogen therapy may adversely affect your sexual function because it has a dramatic effect on the testosterone levels which may be decreasing anyway in the post menopausal woman. Thus some women do better on patches and creams just to make those effects come controlled.. The liver effects may be more far reaching that the bedroom. The liver when stimulated by oral estrogen produces what are called procoagulant changes that is responsible for the increased risks of deep vein clots. Again, in comparison studies published as long ago as 2003 by Scarabin et all in the Lancet in their "ESTHER" study, the risk was about 4 times greater if you were taking estrogen pills rather than using a transdermal product. And if your triglycerides were climbing while on estrogen therapy, you guessed it again, the liver! And again, switching off pills onto a bioidentical transdermal therapy may pull those numbers right back in line. Now when you bring these facts to talk to your gyno, don't get BHT confused with CBHT, bioidentical hormones confused with compounded bioidentical hormones. None of the best studies reviewed,
included compounding, they all were bioidenticals made by pharmaceutical companies. And that's the hot hot hot facts!


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