Drink Up with Confidence, Less Incontince For Pill Users!

Women who used estrogen in menopause were always told that their little pee problem with the hee hees and ha has would get better. Then the data from the WHI (Women's Health Initiative) said the opposite: estrogen therapy actually worsened incontinence for menopausal females. But what about young women, they can have those slip ups too! The August 2009 issue of Fertility and Sterility has published a new study showing that in women users of oral contraceptives there better bladder heath: less stress urinary incontinence, less urge incontinence, less of what is called mixed incontinence (a bit of both stress and urge in the same patient)! So looking for a solution that may be relatively simple and fit into your life style? Ask your gyno about getting on the pill! Another non-contraceptive health benefit! And be dry as these Koshi Dolls, Yeah!


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