Conception Configuration: Best Position(s) For Conception

Missionary position? Extra deep penetration? Sex with someone skinnier to get deeper penetration? Do you need to have an orgasm to get pregnant? Laying still for 15 minutes after sex! Conception Configuration: Best Position(s) For Conception 15 minutes after sex, don't move! Well, in this study, it wasn't really sex, it was the gyno putting sperm where she wants it, right inside the uterus with medical insemination. What is the best sex position to get a baby made is a common question for the gyno. Inge M, Custers, PhD, from the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has just done a study to show that laying mobilization in the supine (on your back) position for 15 minutes after intrauterine insemination may improve ongoing pregnancy rates. Using ovulation induction (taking medicine to help you ovulate) and medical insemination with a washed semen preparation is the most common form of infertility treatment and the pregnancy rates are much better with that little bit of time for those sperm to get to their destination! For you having sex at home, the physiology of the vagina explains why laying down for a few minutes will also help get you pregnant. The semen is normally deposited in the very back of the vagina in what then becomes the "vaginal pool" and the cervix, helped by sexual stimulation that aids the contraction of the top part of the vagina so the cervix dips into that vaginal pool, the sperm can then be picked up over the next few minutes to hours to get to its destination.


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