Understanding Estrogens, Back to Bio Class Gals!

The FDA has now reworked some of the terms we use to describe the compounds we use for infertility, osteoporosis, and breast cancer treatments. These compounds were designed to act like estrogen on some tissues and like anti-estrogen on other tissue. Thus the effect can be inducing ovulation such as we can with clomid, prevention of breast cancer as we can accomplish with tamoxifen or the improvement of bone health with raloxifene. Understanding the action of these compounds has gotten just a bit more complex. In the past the compounds were given the group name "SERMS" for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators, and which were called in lay terms "designer estrogen". The FDA now prefers the term "estrogen agonist/antagonist." It has to do with the way the receptors are activated and therefor how much estrogen or anti-estrogen action the compound will produce. So when selecting your compound "formerly known as a SERM" discuss the biology with your Gyno Gab Gal and we'll get your biology making sense again!


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