Pondering the Middle during Vyaghrasana

The Tiger pose and the Tiger Stretch are supposed to awake our muscles in the morning like awaking the Tiger in the jungle. I love it. It's good for the young, the old, the menstruating, those in need of balance, too many virtues to even list! Nothing like the Tiger Pose and Stretch to make me ponder the role of middle weight gain in the menopausal female. Metabolism slows with aging because of pancreatic insulin production slowing, but enough of that Gyno Gab Gals want to know how to reverse this. Our skeletal muscle is the primary tissue that if told to by insulin can grabs the sugar molecule glucose and metabolize it: if not, FAT! So the answer to the question: add muscle! And how do we know if we really add muscle?! Ah Ha! Get in to see the Gyno Gab Gal and Get that Body Muscle Mass tested! Muscle Mass Testing


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