Fix one Hormone Break Another?

Hormonal balance is probably as important as the absolute levels of any particular hormone. So far most of the studies have looked in isolation at excesses and deficiencies. We predict that both the research and then the subsequent therapy of the next decade will account for the hormonal 'context' as well as the hormonal levels. Initially we have begun to look at how the thyroid interacts with the sex hormones.This makes sense because the Thyroid Hormone and Female Estrogen hormones go on the blink around the same time. In one study of women at the time of menopause The Swan Study showed that about 1/10 menopausal women had thyroid gland dysfunction. Menopausal women getting thyroid treatment should then be more closely monitored for their thyroid levels. Estrogen can increase the molecules that the thyroid hormone is bound to. This in turn lowers one's thyroid. So after starting or stopping hormone therapy, check the thyroid levels about 6 weeks out, they can change!


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