Breathe, Breathe, Breathe, pain relief

Natural labor is best.
Or natural labor with a dose of medication. Or natural labor and then an epidural. Psychoprophylaxis has to be individual, flexible and taylored to the indivudual labor.Women need to talk to their birth consultant to find out what type of breathing will work the best, what medical contraindications do they have to medicines or an epidural, how available are epidural medications in their hospitals and ultimately: what is going to help you have that vaginal birth if that is what your priority is! Some women experience feelings in labor called, well, discomfort, others call it, well the worst pain, ok, I can't repeat what I've heard from some of my patients. That's the gist. Pain is your own, and often comes from fear, and fear is the worst of the unknown. So did you pee on a stick? Did it turn blue? Guess what my best advice is, breathe, breathe, breathe, you have a lot to learn, there's time to do your home work and know that we will talk, and that relief can be on the way in many forms, breathe!


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