Hungry and Pregnant? What foods to be careful with!

Common questions we get is what foods are not safe in pregnancy. It's always important to make sure fruits and vegetables are well washed and meats are well cooked, but there are some less common conditions women are at risk for to avoid in pregnancy. One of these illness is listeriosis caused by the bacteria listeria monocytogenes (hot dogs, some processed foods such as pate and soft cheeses - feta) - it may produce an illness that is mild, almost flu like, but possibly can progress to a more wide spread infections that can cause pockets of infection through a mother's system and cross over the placenta to infect the baby.

There are other foods to avoid in pregnancy. There are many good sources of information. For instance you can see my chapter on Common Pregnancy Complaints and Questions on eMedicine;. It's a terrific resource of information. There are over 6500 articles and 10,000 physician contributors with continual updating.


  1. [...]Pregnancy Eating Plan - Pregnancy is one happiest moment in our life. At that time, we have our baby grow in our womb. Not only physical closeness, pregnancy is also giving us emotional closeness with our baby[...]

  2. Pregnancy, Birthing, and Parenting all are important to the bonding process with our baby. What are your thoughts? Does eating help that bonding?

  3. Seems like all the story's my mom told me about birthing in the 50's have been proved wrong!

  4. When I hear that your mom was telling you stories about her birthing experiences, that's all I need to hear, because one of the best gifts we have is sharing from generation to generation! Whether science has moved us a bit ahead as the world and our health changes, it's not so much that that was wrong, and this is right, but that we stand on the shoulders of giants as we learn. And, of course learning from generation to generation, as the old saying from the 19th century goes: by the philosopher George Santayana: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!" Any time you'd like to share some of the birth traditions in your family, we'd love to hear!


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