MRSA Not Yeast of the Nipples

Breast and nipple bacterial infections are common and usually not serious. Yeast infections of the nipples usually appear with a classic look of grey or crusty color to the nipple surface, and also are common when breast feeding and can cause the nipples to look red. But when medication and proper care fails a culture is in order. And we found this infection was actually MRSA, a type of staph infection that is acquired in the community. It is really not common to see a significant infection with a virus, so we think lactating moms and their babies are not at risk for MERS. MERS is not to be confused with MRSA as it is a coronavirus infection, not yet reported to be associated with lactation. Prompt treatment aids treatment resolution, so call your gyno and don't self treat. Log on for appointment at


  1. So, can the infant contract MRSA from feeding from an MRSA infected nipple?

  2. Theoretically the mother contracted the original breast infection from the baby, which is why for most infections it is recommended that the patient continue to breast feed. But yes, close contact can pass MRSA.

  3. even if the mrsa is not on the nipple can the baby catch it while the mother has it on her c-section cut in her stomack

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  5. You must go to the doctor now!!! this photo is terrible!! do you suffer of inverted nipple or is an infection??

  6. This is a photograph of a long treated patient with an infection. But you are right, when skin conditions do not get better with the simple home rededies getting a medical diagnosis is important.

  7. I have a similar situation at the moment, not as bad as the picture though. I was told it is Golden Staff that has infected the nipple area and I got it from the hospital after my c-section. Due to the baby latching on poorly in the beginning and getting cracked nipples that is how it got in. I have been told to use chlorhexadine to wash before and after every feed and then to wash it off before every feed so the baby does not suck on it. But this seems like a viciuos cycle as it is not improving. Any suggestions anyone??

  8. Golden staph = "Golden staph" is scientifically known as methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureaus. The bacteria have become immune to the effects of many kinds of antibiotics such as methicillin and amoxicillin. The washes help and yet antibiotics are perhaps indicated, with perhaps a short stretch of not breast feeding in this case. Culture tests can sometimes detect the specific orgnanism. May be time to see a second opinion.

    1. If baby tests positive for MRSA after nasal swab as well as mom after nipple swab, what treatment should be expected?


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