Puppy Vulva Mystery

Here is a story: the names and places are not true and no confidentiality is revealed, but reliable source! A new girl puppy began to get an enlarged vulva and had to be taken to the vet to solve this mystery! What could be wrong? On line late nite querry kept saying excess estrogen, so how could this be? Well, she asked the owner how the puppy could come in contact with excess estrogen. The answer was simple. The owner was using compounded estrogen cream and the cute little puppy was licking the hand and arm enough that she was getting enough extra estrogen to cause the swelling. Ah ha! The owner was switched to an oral compound, the puppy happily started to lick the hand with no estrogen and the swelling resolved! Mystery solved. Now Gyno Gal wants to know, would all the transdermal sprays and creams have enough residual to do this? I sniff a study, bow wow!


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