Breast Problems? Check your Sugar!

The WHO just issued it's guidelines about sugar consumption.Katie Couric wants you to eat less sugar too. And now in a recommendation regarding painful breasts, there is a suggestion to eat less sugar. in general less sugar in the diet can reduce many sympotoms.  There is a breast condition often mistaken for a case of fibrocystic breast condition, but it's not. It's the Diabetic Firm Breast Disease: DFBD. Women with uncontrolled blood sugars are more predisposed, but not all women with uncontrolled diabetes gets this condition. For those living with diabetes, they know there are many options for sugar control, and for more information look at American Diabetes Association. And watch for sugar calories where you are least likely to count them, like your drinks, for a count of calories in beverages look at this industry report. Another hidden source of sugar imblance: medications and supplements such as glucosamine. Glucosamine can cause blood sugar and blood insulin disorder, and even has been shown to kill pancreatic cells! Breast ultrasounds and Breast mammograms do have a characteristic appearance although often examiners are not experienced in this diagnosis either. Let Gyno Gal know if you suspect you have this condition.


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