Daily,Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly, Bianually? Ostoprosis Treaments Easier!

Bone health is a project we work on for decades, so that we have long realized that the less often a woman needs medication treatment, the better it is. The medication Reclast helped many women because they only had to use the medicine yearly. The makers of the medication have now released more exciting news from their Novartis team. The newest research shows their osteoporosis drug Reclast, which made headlines last month for helping breast cancer treatment, now is also shown to perhaps hold down bone turnover for a full two years. The team of Women's Health Practice Clinical Research was privileged to work with this medication in its development phase, and we also want to thank our patients for their support and the important contribution to our osteoporosis research. Patients considering what bone therapy and when are encouraged to come and discuss their alternatives. We learn new things about bone health all the time and we change dietary recommendations and suggest blood testing as well as bone testing. For women with pain in their back, consider a VFA (fracture check of the spine).


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