PMDD How to get an accurate diagnosis

PMS is the mild form of symptoms around the menstrual cycle, PMDD is the more severe form standing for Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Women with PMS and PMDD think they know the condition when they have it. But just waling into your gyno and having a conversation is less accurate a diagnosis than actually doing what it takes to get a formal diagnosis. You have to chart your symptoms prospectively. If you don't you may be misdiagnosed and actually have PMS, depression, anxiety, a bad day, or the flip side, this important diagnosis might get missed. So if your gyno asks you to go home and chart your symptoms for two months, it's important to do so. Yes, the DSM IV (the Bible of psychiatric diagnosis) "allows" us to make a "provisional" diagnosis, so those suffering do not have to have effective treatment withheld, but it's best to get an accurate diagnosis.The treatments once you have a diagnosis may range from birth control pills to control your cycles to actual anti-depressants given just at that time of month. Although they are both effective, the birth control solution, of which the birth control YAZ has the best research on the PMDD aspect, is best for improving swelling, bloating, headaches, muscle pains and breast tenderness.  If you are interested in finding out more about PMDD talk to your Gyno Gab Gal, research continues.


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