Ophthalmology as Applied to the OBG

New eyelash enhancer, does it work? Yes! Latisse says it works, but Gyno Gal wanted to know for herself so picked up the phone and called my personal Ophthalmologist for the skinny. And yes, he's used it clinically for glaucoma patients for over ten years! And do the eye lashes grow? Yes they do! They grow and grow darker! And my eye doc says "I will tell you it works!" The patients with brown lashes it will turn them darker brown and GROW! He did say blonds don't quite get the results quite as dramatically with the darkening, stay tuned for more on that. The eye doc has even had to trim patients who think that their lashes are too long and impair vision! Ha! Eye lash hair stylin! That's what I would call dramatic. It's just one eye medicine I learned about in my gyno investigations today. More to come!


  1. I can't believe you are a medical doctor. Your posts are full of misspellings! Many of them regard medical terms, which is very suspicious:
    *ophthomologist/ophthomology -> ophthalmologist/ophthalmology
    *glacoma -> glaucoma
    *impare vision -> impair vision
    And some sentences are unintelligible:
    'The patients with browns it will turn them darker brown and grow'.

  2. Ok, confess, I do often type it late while waiting for deliveries etc.,which I'm on my way to now, so should be texting instead of typing, and I so do want someone to help and proof.But haven't landed anyone, want to help?! And now and then do forget what I've just rushed to write, and push publish instead of save. Will try better for my faithful fans, and just for the record: Made ya look! Thanks for the help! Gab on!


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