Leaner with the IUD? Condoms? No Sex? Well, DMPA does add some fat

Reports of body mass on Depo...DMPA for contraception...confirm weight gain. Fat, not just more muscle. Three years in the users gained 11 pounds, 9 of it fat. Probably what fat you get will be in your midsection. By the way, we use our DXA to accurately check for where and what fat mass, and if you don't get it then really, who knows about what you've really gained. We only charge $25 for it as Gyno Gab Gal realized insurance coverage isn't really available, but it's a very telling test. The GE site explains it pretty well. http://www.gehealthcare.com/euen/bone-densitometry/products/applications/bodycomposition/index.html
Just switching to an OC pill won't get the fat off, you have to go non-hormonal. May be a good choice but lots of non-contraceptive benefits of hormones that you may also be giving up. So think twice, email me back, call the nurse, yes, tough decisions and it's only through that really good pro/con list that you can make the best decision!


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