Black Cohosh a Menopausal Alternative

What is black cohosh? Is it something that will help with our menopause? It's often promoted as menopausal help.
1. Black cohosh is not an estrogen and has no estrogenic side effects, and helps the work of tamoxifen on the breast, so very safe for those at risk for or who have breast cancer
2. Black cohosh can be helpful for lots of menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, sleep, sweats, not so much for the psychological symptoms like mood changes and depression
3. Black cohosh is thought that it would be safe to give with St. Johns Wort if you are a candidate for that medication anyway, which can help with the mood changes and depression not treated by the Black cohosh
4.Estrogen therapy in menopause often works very rapidly, within days to a very few weeks, but if you are taking black cohosh for menopause expect results in 8 weeks and full effects by week 16
5. Although most physicians wouldn't feel that black cohosh is significantly effective for menopause if you want to try it the side effects rare, if so they will be moderate and mostly be gastrointestinal
6. No serious drug interactions reported yet to the FDA with black cohosh and other drugs, for checking any new reports of drug interactions, check the AARP site.


  1. I'm on tamoxifen and have tried effexor, clonidine and now lyrica for hot flashes. Why would my oncologist not suggest black cohash?

  2. He may not know it by that name, or thinks you've tried it, there are several over the counter, check labels or go to a natural foods place, and being an herbal he may think that it has a phytoestrogen component...and some of the combination products might. Alternatives for tamoxifen may be available if you are suffering from tamoxifen side effects, that might be a conversation too. And lastly think of having a Gyno (ideally one certified by ABOG, some oncologists could be) who treats menopause should work on the hot flashes (with the oncologists blessing!). Heres a list of menopause physicians and others who have specialized menopause training, and yes look carefully, you'll see the GynoGab Gal by her doctor name!!

  3. Thanks for this beautiful blog and all of its post are spreading awareness to human being. I am also very much benefited after reading this post. Black cohosh is herb and have no side effects. Thanks for sharing i appreciate your way of information.


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