The Caffeine Debate Still Simmering

Some say they drink caffeine pick me up and yes, studies do show that fatigue can be combated by caffeine use. About 15-30 minutes after your favorite Starbucks concoction the buzz will kick into the brain. And about 7 hours later you’ll rid your system of caffeine and it’s stimulant effects, unless you are not very susceptible and it takes you 20 minutes to rid yourself of these effects, and we've gabbed endlessly about the caffeine in pop, and tea, or coffee, and the other harms or benefits of pop aside from caffeine, and the antioxidants in teas we even use them for our skin. So what's the newest about coffee out of the April issue of the journal Stroke? They reported some odd findings that in fact, in a group of women journaling their food intake for a mammography study, the more coffee they drank the fewer strokes they had. It was thought that the phenolic compounds that are the beneficial antioxdidant compounds for many of the reported coffee health benefits are thought to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood vessel inflammation. The heavy coffee drinkers in the study drank 1-5 cups a day. But no one was tracking their baristas and so no one was really tracking the strength or types of beans and what other components may have accounted for their good fortune. So there are ways to avoid stroke, and you should gab with your gyno about these, but extra coffee, only if you need the pick me up!


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