Birth Plan is the First Thing To Grab When Heading to the Hospital To Have Your Baby

Pregnant and getting ready to birth?  Have you got a birth Plan? Download ours from Women's Health Practice, or perhaps you would like to see the one from the World Health Organization. Here's another alternative from the Canadian Obstetricians. You and the baby's father need to think about your alternatives, whether you covered this in a class, a video, or just in your last prenatal appointment. Gynos feel that education is one of the primary purposes of the birth plan; and whether you have finalized your decisions on epidurals and pain management, it is very helpful to review your birth plan with your birthing attendant and have them communicate the plan to the hospital.  At Women's Health Practice we have our patients  reviewed their birth plan at an appointment and then make sure copies are in all the right places such as at the hospital, with their Dulas, and in their to-go bags they plan to bring to their birth. Anything special you have for your birth plan? Are you rushing to the hospital in labor? Bring your birth plan, even if you forget your favorite pajamas!


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