The second trimester

Once you are finishing up your genetic testing and busting out the "Baby on Board" shirts, it's time to tell the buddies that you really are pregnant! But some of the novelty has worn off just slightly, and some of the hard work of pregnancy is yet to come. Flu shot: usually can be done in the first trimester, or do now. Vacation time: do it, easier to vacation with the baby inside than in tow, although there are great services now that will rent you the massive amounts of hardware and equipment it takes to travel with a baby. Sex: do clear this with your own gyno, but for most women in the first trimester and well into pregnancy, sex is still fine. Sex positions: still fine, again any aches or pains, do check out with your gyno. Sleeping on the back: we all wonder about the dangers of flopping to our back when we are well into the second or third trimester of pregnancy, we get the best blood flow to the placenta by sleeping on our left side, so as you get to the third trimester: sleep on your back less. Exercise: still recommended to keep up the exercise and yoga to keep up the flexibility of your pelvis and back (as well as other benefits). Whatever you're up to, but remember, center of gravity changing and almost all women are naturally slacking off just a bit even if they've been cleared for exercise. Weight gain: try for about 10 pounds during this time of the second trimester, of course your needs will vary depending on what your ob or midwife has told you. Troubles do creep in. About 10% of women will have restless legs, and there's now an official "pregnancy-associated sleep disorder" that about 95% of women complain of, but all and all, don't these 3D pictures just tell us what all those cramps, running to the bathroom and heartburn are really about? Your going to be a mom!


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