PID Culprit: Bacteria Hitchhiking on Sperm

Sperm With Bacteria on Surface
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) comes from an infection inside the female organs. The question is how does bacteria gets past what is an effective mucus cervical barrier, and yet wind up in the uterus and fallopian tubes? Did you know how to avoid infection with these bacteria? How to avoid infection women: One very effective way, Avoid contact with these bacteria hitchhiking sperm! Take a look at this picture that shows the bacteria on the surface of sperm. Yes that's how infections get past the cervical mucus, into the cavity of the uterus, into the corners of the fallopian tubes, out into the the tubal fimbria (the fingers on the ends of tubes) and finally bacteria then tumbling past the ovaries into the the peritoneal cavity. PID can be a serious disease, with about 12% of women infertile after a single episode and over 50% of women infertile after three or more episodes of PID. And how to avoid contact: still condoms are the best defense! Female condoms work too to prevent the sperm, and it's cargo from coming past the cervix. Spermicide works too, and see your gyno for more suggestions for your own case.


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